Saturday, 1 January 2000


I've been coaching since 2007, predominantly working with writers, but also with other creative practitioners. I was accredited (PCT) in 2008, having trained with Deb Barnard and Carol Wilson on a Cultural Leadership Programme.

I am the in-house coach for Litfest, working with writers published by Flax and others who come to us independently.

I see it essential to my practice that I have regular supervision.

When I decided to make the move from employment to writing full time, accessing Litfest's mentoring services for coaching, one on one help and specialist professional advice was a logical step for me. I'm not finished with the process yet, but in the few months I've been mentored/coached by Sarah Hymas I've learned more about my own writing self, processes, quirks and method than I thought possible and have brain-stormed strategies to get the best out of myself as a writer. The process has fed me both creatively and professionally and empowered me to embark confidently on what can be a very lonely career without a well-trodden path to follow. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service to any writer who wants to get serious about what he or she is doing. JA

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