Thursday, 7 September 2000


"Thank you for all your advice & support of my poetry; it helped me on lots of levels, including craft & technique and confidence in the type of poetry that I write!"
"I recruited Sarah to be the editor for my debut pamphlet Every Salt Advance; the manuscript was infinitely better for the collaboration and partnership we had ... the thing I most valued from Sarah's editorship was the honing of the poems, the distilling of my writing into something which still sounded like me but which spoke to my themes in a much clearer voice. It was my first time being edited, so no doubt I was prickly and obtuse, but Sarah was a sympathetic and patient editor; but importantly still insistent when she needed to be. Editing is really an extended collaboration and an in-depth conversation about ones work; Sarah listened to me, allowed me to keep my own voice, but helped to focus and direct it in a way which made the pamphlet much more successful than it probably otherwise would have been." AM
"Constructive, thorough, easy, useful. It helped tighten my pieces and make them stronger."AC


When I decided to make the move from employment to writing full time, accessing Litfest's mentoring services for coaching, one on one help and specialist professional advice was a logical step for me. I'm not finished with the process yet, but in the few months I've been mentored/coached by Sarah Hymas I've learned more about my own writing self, processes, quirks and method than I thought possible and have brain-stormed strategies to get the best out of myself as a writer. The process has fed me both creatively and professionally and empowered me to embark confidently on what can be a very lonely career without a well-trodden path to follow. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this service to any writer who wants to get serious about what he or she is doing. JA


Thanks for the talk. You were brill. All the students really enjoyed it and benefited a lot. So did I! It was really good to think about things in terms of what works for you individually. 

Excellent tutor, fascinating subject!

One of the best managed/facilitated courses I have ever attended. Enhanced my listening to and respect of other people's voices enormously.

Thank you, it has changed my life.

Sarah really is a genius. The way she got such a mixed bag of people to unlock their inner creativity was amazing.
Sarah, from the start, put everyone at their ease and used an amazing array of techniques and games to allow us all to tap into our own creativity.

Sarah Hymas is ingeniously clever as a creative writing tutor, and I thoroughly enjoyed her series of intense tasks and more informal parlour games, each a mind manipulation intent on making one use your imagination and freedom of expression. For me, Sarah was the perfect choice of tutor at the French HouseParty Experience mini break, and would undoubtedly be equally ideal for all other such workshops.
Rick Beech, budding writer.

- in Schools
Thank you Sarah. You are the best. Darci, (aged 6)

I have learnt that writing stories takes a lot of time to think about it. Rebecca (aged 7)

My favourite thing with Sarah was when I did my poem because I never write a poem before. Sam (aged 7)

The programme of creative workshops was excellent for all the children. Sarah made the programme exciting and extremely interesting, allowing the children to explore many ideas. They all gained confidence and extensive knowledge of the second world war.