Thursday, 4 December 2008

spreading that glow

So, we're coming to the end of another year and doing what you do when there's snow on the ground and minus minus in the air ... contemplate what's gone on and who's done what. So in advance of the rest of the year's round up I wanted to woo hoo some of the writers who have appeared in Flax publications over the year (or so):

Emma McGordon's new collection, Those Who Jump, is out from tall-lighthouse
Josephine Dickinson's Night Journey comes from flambard

And looking to next year -

Ian Seed's first complete collection Anonymous Intruder will be published by Shearsman
Maya Chowdhry's pamphlet (as yet untitled) is coming from Commonword

It's such a boost to be working with writers who are committed to their poetry and continue to find outlets and audiences for their writing. Also,
a) it makes us feel like we are really part of a wide and rich community of literature
b) it affirms our choices - yes, Flax might actually be publishing some of the best new writing from the north west (phew)
c) we love that these people are a roll
and d) there's that lovely warm feeling that we must be picking up from them that their work is being recognised as worth an audience - hmmmm, that is something we just lurve.

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