Friday, 9 January 2009

spotlight on sunday

I'm running a workshop for Spotlight this Sunday on performance techniques, which I'm really looking forward to. Although I will have to tap into my head "I must be nice and gentle with people. I must be kind and hold no resentments to these people" in the hours leading up to it. Since I realised as I started the planning for it that I wanted to spend as much of the time on stage etiquette as delivery techniques. And this has come out of much time spent feeling impotent on the sidelines without a huge shepherd's crook to yank off those very naughty overrunners who still read for ten or fifteen minutes when they've been asked for five minutes.

I'm also aware I mustn't just direct people to the rather useful pitstop of top tips on performing I compiled for litfest a couple of years ago - it's in the projects section of the website. Although I am most definitely going to relish us all pretending we're Jim Davidson delivering our work to a deaf audience. It's happening in the Gregson Centre in Lancaster if you fancy a long coffee in the bar below to earwig on the results ...

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