Sunday, 8 February 2009

pretending to be Marlene Dietrich

Just back from Southport where I had a meeting with members of Gambolling Arena to talk about a new project of theirs - a two-handed musical piece about Edith Piaf and Marlene Dietrich. We sat in a long thin room on Lord's Street and blasted out various tunes from Lili Marlene to La Vie En Rose and Falling in Love Again and Mon Dieu - what voices they both had - madly different and idiosyncratic.

My job is write a twenty minute piece for them that links the songs and creates a narrative of their lives and friendship. Coo wee - feels like a bit of a number in the research department. I have a feeling I'll be pretty familiar with their speech and singning patterns by the end of March - or at least, hope I will. I'm looking forward to it - I love stepping into someone else's head (imaginatively speaking) and getting to the point where they slip out of my mouth, as if I'm a channel for the whole process.

I also love that much of the research will be to watch footage of them (I have to admit a bias for Marlene) so here's a taster:

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