Wednesday, 18 March 2009

time management

March is galloping towards its end - and snarling with it, a bunch of deadlines that make me question my time management skills. I decided a few years ago that the less I did the more time I seemed to have, but then didn't want. Right now, the converse is true.

Unfortunately I seem to be inclined towards gathering jobs, projects and activities around me like some people do ornaments. I don't think my enthusiasms gather too much dust. Some take longer than others to reach fruition, but I do see things through. What's different this time is that the three jobs I'm currently working on - the Edith and Marlene piece, editing my poetry collection and writing a prose piece about the sea - all have externally imposed timelines. It's that rule of three.

Like filing, I've come to time management in an organic manner, and often wonder why it isn't taught at school as a part of maths. I'm sure I'm not alone. A friend recently told me of a day he spent planning out his PhD thesis with a whole bunch of colour coded post-it notes rather than the writing of it. But I think it is like decorating - the success lies in the planning. I'm not brilliant at that either.

But I do like lists. Pen and paper lists that I can cross out, write again and gain a sense of being in control by. Very very lovely. And if they have arrows connecting things, so much the better. Arrows give the sense of things actually happening, movement, accomplishment.

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wow, I feel better already, a few more and I'm outta here > > >


Jonathan Bean Photography said...

That reminds me... have you got a minute?

Linda Cracknell said...

Have you seen Debbie Taylor's time managemnt tips for writers on the Literaturetraining website? Worth a look.

Sarah Hymas said...

Thanks for this, Linda - the sad fact is that I was one of the co-comissioners of the article (with my litfest hat on).