Thursday, 26 March 2009

Unsaid Undone, Flax's new anthology

One of the things I have loved about editing Flax is working with Martin Chester. He's the designer. As part of the process of putting the anthology together graphically (which is our indulgence because they're online), we chat. I tell him about the content of the anthology, and what I see as connections and he asks questions like, how long are the stories? And what's the title of the anthology.

Then he comes up with a design (or two) and we discuss that, what we like, what is legible, what we don't like. Or more likely what I don't like, for which then he explains his rationale and I, after a night's sleep, generally come round to his way of thinking. What a push over. Although for this latest one I did hold my ground on swapping the image.

And then he shows me the second draft.

And each time I say I LOVE IT. IT'S THE BEST YET.

And it always is!

How good it that?

What I also marvel at, is how I always manage to come up with a really fitting title for them. Unlike for my own collection.

Maybe I should run them by Martin

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