Monday, 11 May 2009

Flax Picnic

This photo is an indication of how well the Flax picnic went (despite siling rain) - one take and all twelve faces are smiling, looking at the camera and appear reasonable, rational human beings!

We had a lovely afternoon listening to the brilliant range and quality of work from Flax writers. Nearly all the publications were represented by writers (including the forthcoming poetry anthology, due out in June).

It was an event to make me proud of the writers we've published, and underlines the belief that Flax is tremendously supportive of the writers we work with. And this is returned by the stregnth of the relationships with the writers.

So, from top down (and left to right as we go): Ian Seed, Mark Carson, Gill Nicholson, Brindley Hallam Dennis, Elizabeth Burns, Polly Atkin, Marita Over, John Siddique, Andrew Michael Hurley, Pauline Keith, Jennifer Copley and David Borrott.

Good to have an opportunity for reflection and self-congratulation!

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