Monday, 18 May 2009

top read

I've had a flurry of great reading recently. And am currently thoroughly enjoying A Kind of Intimacy by Jenn Ashworth. Brilliant writing and a compulsive character in Annie. Fave lines so far:

"I saw her turn towards the man she was with and start gesturing at him drunkenly with an unlit cigarette. 'Do you remember when we were like that? Quite happy to lock oursleves in all weekend so we could stay in bed and eat pizza? Where does it all go to, eh?' she laughed bitterly and looked at Lucy, who wasn't listening, as far as I could tell. 'You've only been together a year. You wait and see. It'll get to the point where you don't even like each other anymore.'
"In the dim, sausage-smelling quiet of my kitchen, I held onto the edge of the draining board ..."

I'll keep you informed as to how it pans out

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