Friday, 19 June 2009


I mentioned a while back I'd been watching starlings roost and how mesmerising I found the sight to be.

So I'm very happy to be involved in an engrossing project called Likestarlings.

I'm working with a poet called Jo Brandon, whom I've never met. We've exchanged a poem apiece (in response to each other's poem) so far. And I'm thinking again of how the murmuration swells and disappears on the wing, as words are echoed and riffed from and others are made stronger by absence from the sequential poem.

I love the open endedness of the process, how we don't know where we'll end up, and the generosity of spirit in sharing a poem so freshly worked with a complete stranger (we have a tuirnaround time of a week).

I'll let you know and hopefully read how it turns out

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Ruth said...

I agreed with your comment. I would like to read again, but I still think I will never have the verve that say Andrew had, or Segun. I just like the understated reading.

I love the likestarlings idea. I stumbled across it a few weeks back and I would love to see them in book form, all laid out as replies etc.