Monday, 28 September 2009

Skipton Puppet Festival 2



1. The spring necks of the ducks and geese in Brodyachaya Sobachka's The Ugly Duckling. How each boinged and curled just as the living variety do.
2. the entire script being honks, gobbles and ark arks of the birds
3. the long neck, bent beak and limp wings of the 'duckling'

4. the manipulation of the swimmer in the The Seas of Organillo
5. the shoals of fish that darted in slow motion against red lighting
6. the astonishing musicality of the organillo (constructed from water pipes, rolls of wallpaper and bellows

7. the transformation of normal dolls into eggheads in Kamikaze, by Scopitone
8. The love scene between two of these dolls, feeling into each other's empy eggcups
9. the matador dancing with the train bull running round and round its track as the puppeteer danced above them both

So, what did I love, apart from the above? I loved how small and simple movements, well observed mannerisms (particularly of birds) pulled me into the world they inhabited.

I loved how each show was loveingly presented by the puppeteers. I love observing the delicate relationship between the two

I loved the bonkers-ness of each world.

I love how the most simple and inanimate object can be embued with life by our imagination and will

I loved how the audiences were full to capacity at each show and contained the most diverse range of people in them

I loved how I came away with a sense of joy, wonder and sensitivity blown through my fingertips by these beloved things.


Jonathan Bean Photography said...

Sounds great, looks great! Maybe next year I'll get to go too.

Jane E said...

How lovely! Makes me envious and wanting to go to a puppet show immediately!