Saturday, 17 October 2009

Things to do with John Denver when he's Dead

No, not the title for the John Denver play - or at least maybe not - but a working title nonetheless (thanks, Steve).

Yes, I have a plan. But first the parameters I was working to.

1. I met the guy who's going to play John Denver. And his singing put me at ease about the project. He has a beautiful voice. His Leaving on a Jet Plane was very moving. Bad news - he's not an actor.

2. Suzy, the director, tells me she wants the other actors to be two women - for the singing harmonies. No Dad then.

3. On reading JDs autobiography, I discover the man not only struggled to communicate in relationships but also in print with help from a writer. It was an unilluminating read that wound me up considerably. I had no compassion for him. Not a good starting point for writing words for him.

Solution (found in collaboration with a friend after seeing Faulty Optic. Thank you, Sandie) : The play's set the morning after JD dies in a plane crash. Two women - his mother and a life-long fan - meet to salvage what they knew of the man.

Auditions are being held on Sunday for the women. Then all that needs to happen is for me to write the thing.

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