Monday, 21 December 2009

Rough Cut

Maya sent me a link to the rough cut of the film today. After having talked me through what a rough cut entails: no sound mixes, ungraded colour, a compressed file, and a bunch of other stuff I didn't really get my head around except not to expect a super slick production.

It's on Vimeo, but private so you'll have to wait. I switched on nervously. Maya had also told me she'd seen each shot so many times she'd lost sight of what they added up to and how they fitted together, but I was check for pacing or anything wierd visually.

I watched the film, approximately a minute and a half, about five consecutive times, gobsmacked. It was almost exactly as I'd envisioned, with some shots even more beautiful or striking than I'd imagined. Beth's voice is absolutely perfect, tying with and straining against the film, creating this hollowness that is curiously empathetic. (Hollowness is good. It's the essence of the poem)

Yes, there are some pacing tweaks needed. It does feel a bit fast - there's a lot to absorb with both audio and visual images not always sitting comfortably together (which is what we wanted), and it is a tightly wrought poem. But that's easily sorted. Especially since once again Maya and I are in agreement - the shots she felt needed more work, were the ones I felt were weaker.

I will now have to resist watching it over and over until satiated, and wait until after the holidays to come back to it with a more analytical eye and make notes scene by scene to pass on Maya.

Best to leave alone, then, and go make a snowman.

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