Wednesday, 13 January 2010

First Draft Drafted

Yey! I've drafted the first draft of the John Denver play. Draft being the operative word. It is very sketchy. And as usual I have a sheet of questions to consider when I read it through in a week or so's time.

I like this switch into editor. It really takes the pressure off me as a writer. I get to pose all sorts of dilemmas and theories to the text which I then (as writer) have to tackle - but not yet.

So the key dilemmas now (before reading) are: how fleshed or cliched are the characters? How obvious is their development? How interesting/illumintaing is what they say?

Pretty big, really. But not in my mind - in that I have the sketch. The next step is the oil and colour - the texture.

And, best of all, I'm ahead of schedule, so have time to cook the material. What I give to Suzy, the director, won't be a hastily written first draft, but hopefully one with a little more flesh she can then add her own layer and opinions to. There's no point passing work on in the state of flimsy two-dimensions for feedback when I can build it up and, hopefully, upping the ante for feedback. Suzy'll only respond to the material I give her, so the better the material, the better the response and there, with luck, the better the final script.

My ideal is that it becomes a play that people who aren't necessarily fans of John Denver will be interested in coming along to see as much as fans of John Denver.

So any suggestions for appeal in this field, as ever, welcome ...

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