Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Unhappiest Day of the Year

Obviously the day itself isn't unhappy, but apparently yesterday (the Monday closest to 23rd January) - Blue Monday is the day when we of the northern hemisphere feel most unhappy.
And here's an equation to prove it

\frac{[W + (D-d)] \times T^Q}{M \times N_a}

Created by an unnamed mental health charity, where W = weather, d= debt, T= time since christmas and Q = our failing new year resolutions. Not too sure what all the other letters signify. But if you were unhappy yesterdau, this may go part way to explaiing why ...

Although for me, yesterday was pretty good, and I do struggle with this new year greyness.

Why pretty good? Because yesterday (parp of trumpets) was the day I spotted the first snowdrops in my garden.

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Jenn said...

January is a HORRIBLE month. Although I'm not that keen on February and November either. I think I need to get myself one of those light-boxes, because it can't be relative skintness - I've never got any money. ;)