Tuesday, 16 February 2010

And of course we'll need music

There's been some chat on the news this week (or last week perhaps) about music used for dinner parties. Apparently Massive Attack is very popular. As is Air.

This, naturally, made me realise that I hadn't decided on music for my dinner party.

I'm very sensitive to music. Probably because I don't listen to it that often, perferring silence. But when in the mood, it's just the ticket.

So, while I might feel obliged to have Ojos de Brujo, I'm not sure they'd aid digestion. Maybe for a post prandial dance - just for the delight of watching Gabriel and Margaret swing together. Before that, however, Theolonius Monk for starters, Salif Keita and Ali Fakah Toure for mains and Mary Black for dessert.

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