Monday, 1 February 2010

Look Who's Coming to Dinner

Not wanting it to be the exclusive domain of the famous, I drew up my ideal dinner party list the other night:

Margaret Atwood,
Gabriel Garcia Marquez,
a thirty-year old Doris Lessing,
Marina Abad,
Charles Jencks,
Wassily Kandinsky,
Elizabeth Bishop,
Jonathan Sachs,
Anna Akhamatova,
me, and friends, Floris and Deb.

I've chosen them as much for how I imagine they'd contribute to a jolly evening as for what they do/think.

We'd start with garlic/chilli mushrooms, accompanied by an Albarino white, followed by a vegetarian Morrocan meze, pick and mix style, with a red Rioja, finished with trifle or baked cheesecake with a Canadian Ice Wine. Oh, and maybe some Garstang Blue. And some chockie mint crisp. Jacob's Joint.

And, of course we'd be on the boat, which would be moored with a view like this.

Let me know if you fancy an invite


Naomi Foyle said...

Yes, please!!

floris said...

Oh, awright then