Monday, 8 February 2010


I've mentioned here and there, mainly here, that I've been working with Steve Lewis and Beth Allen recently. I say working, that's between the laughter. That's how we know we're a great team. How we laugh, you know to the point of stomach cramp and forgetting what the joke was.

And between the laughter, the work. And to start with there was a lot of faffing kind of work, that we kind of liked, but weren't totally convinced it was anything very special. But after our last meet, Beth had been thinking.

She'd decided that we needed to play to our strengths, which mean Steve on sound, me on words and her on song. Oh it all sounded so simple. So me and Steve nodded enthusiastically and he pulled a dictionary off a shelf, opened it and said, "Let's start here."

And we were away. We played with order, overlap and timing. We played with all of us knowing the word that would set us off or with just one knowing it. We played with Steve's mics and sounds effects. We played with swapping roles (the only thing that wasn't so fun). And after filling it all with water several times we were pretty sure there were no leaks.

We had something.

Then to cap it all, we had a name.

And to cap the cap, a gig (see right).

Which of course could spell the end of our beautiful fantasy.

We've a couple of days in the diary to rehearse. Which I still can't quite get my head around - rehearsing improvising just seems a contradiction. It's probably more accurate to say we're rehearsing my confidence. That's how thoughtful they are. Like I said, we're a team.


Jenn Ashworth said...

Is your gig the one in Brighouse or in Lancaster?

J x

Sarah Hymas said...

Jenn, it's the one in Lancaster on Thursday 18 March. Yikes, don't tell me if you're in the audience ...

Jenn Ashworth said...

Don't worry, I'll wear dark glasses and you won't even know I'm there :)