Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A day of movement in a place of beauty

In the slow process that is me getting myself and Mr Puppet ready for a joint performance sometime later this year, I went on a movement for puppeteers day workshop n Saturday, held by the London School of Puppetry, not in London, though, but, joy of joys, in Linton. Which if it isn't famous for its snowdrops, ought to be. Just look at them all. And made all the better with snow still curled up in the creases of the hills.

And despite the distractions of these and the view from the Linton Institute window, I managed to learn a few things about my body during the day. More specifically my body in relation to the puppet and the space we're in.

Possibly the most useful (if obvious) point I took away with from the day is that the energy between us originates with me, yet I am led by the puppet so by keeping the balance between my feet I can't be wrong-footed by him (easier said than done).

The most illuminating point: holding the puppet is akin to holding the posture of a ballerina.

The most fascinating: it's far easier to lift and control the movement of my arms with the muscle beneath my shoulder blades rather than with those on my shoulders.

The easiest exercise:arching away from the wall to develop these aforementioned muscles.

The simplest explanation: our movements can be broken down into four archetypal body shapes (Lavan stereotypes, apparently) of the pin, the wall, the screw and the ball.

What delighted me most about the day was while all this was incredibly useful for me and Mr P, my brain was whirring around how I might use a lot of the information and exercises for my solo work.

I love it when learning comes together, when my career suddenly starts looking like an orchestrated plan with a master strategy to it.

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