Monday, 1 March 2010

Loving Gone Large

Along with five others from other poets based in the NW England, one of my poems went large a couple of weeks ago in the NICE bar at The Storey in Lancaster. They're all on the theme of love, and were picked, by Litfest, for their wholehearted, non-ironical tones. How sweet. Except I've been told mine has been getting the most comments. Oh, I said and had another read of it.

Thereby witnessing one of the great mysteries of the profession - that of the collective consciousness, ie, the re-reading of an old poem in new light once others have read it. The same happens when I read or perform my work to an audience. It's as if I hear it through their ears/brain/interpretations.

And so, what was a lovely poem comparing the state of love between people to moon jellies, has become a right raunchy number. Hmm.

Anyway, here is a flavour of what some of them look like:

At safe distances so you can't read them or turn innocence into hard core ...

Other poets in the bar are Chris Culshaw, Josephine Dickinson, Gaia Holmes, Pauline Keith and Ian Seed. So feel in good company. In fact it's a little like an alternative version of that dinner party I'm so excited about.

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