Saturday, 6 March 2010

More Mouthtrap

This is the way Mouthtrap begins every rehearsal - Steve and Beth poring over the techie bits. And me watching them.

I shouldn't mock though, since the jam men (loop machines) add another dimension to the work, especially for Beth's singing, enabling her to harmonise with herself. And they're great fun for me to pull out single words that work as the base rhythm to any given section. Perhaps most of all they enable the blending of each voice to creating a stong whole to the three sections.

Of course there is a danger to them. First: they might not work on the night (my perennial fear). Second: we get lazy, let them do most of the work for us, so sections go on for far too long than they would do otherwise if we had to generate the sounds/words ourselves. Probably the bigger danger.

So the second piece we're planning for the Totally Wired event will be acoustic. We're playing on Monday with the various structures that we might work within.

I find it fascinating that we rehearse improvisation. It's like a tuning in of ears, a deepening understanding of how we fit together, even if that changes everytime, A reassurance that it works, that everytime something (however different) entertains us.

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