Monday, 26 April 2010

A New Rhythm

I've been having lots of fun in anticipation of Host coming out in the summer - making short slides shows to accompany some of the poems so I can post them here. My enthusiasm was whetted during the project with Maya. Although I knew I had neither the skills nor equipment to make anything like that film (which we're planning to show around the same time as Host coming out), so went for the very very simple approach of photo montage.

As a obsessive collaborator I enlisted the help of various friends - which makes it seem far more like play than work. Which of course it is. Despite it being mainly focused around the computer. For the most part they took the photos, sometimes with my help, sometimes not, but always as some kind of response to the poem.

I'm going to post the films once a fortnight, starting next week, but as a taster, here are some stills from them ...

Echo Sounding

Wonder Child

Lost Keys


There are some more in the making, possibly, I'm told, which I have not yet seen, so that's exciting too.

I have so enjoyed the restriction of using the stills - it forces a thorough attention to the rhythm of the montage as well as demanding a rethink to each sequence so that they are as different as the poems. And of course the joy in steering away from the completely obvious visual interpretation of the words, to create an alternative richness to the work. I'm not about the abandon the delight of words, but boy have I found something else to explore.

So big thanks so far to: Johnny B (for telling me of the existence of Microsoft Movie Maker in the first place), Martin C (for the props that made a dream a reality), Sheila Doll (for taking a zillion photos), Jo (for deft key action), DB (for on-location adventure and series consultation) and Elizabeth and Jonathan at Making Time (for dangling an as-yet unseen carrot).

If there's anyone else out there interested in making a 'film' with me do get in touch. It could be great fun.


jenny said...

love the still for lost keys xx

Sarah Hymas said...

oh I'm so excited about the film for that one :)