Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Extra Celebrations

While I'm busy sending the book out into the world, another book is being emblazoned around towns ... Word Soup, the Preston-based live literature night is one year old and has published an anthology to trumpet it.

And to trumpet that they've been illuminating buildings with poems from it. It being midsummer I was tucked up in my bed by the time they shone out (needing the dark to do it) but the kind people sent me these pics.

And then to trumpet the trumpet's trumpet they've got an evening of reading with a whole host of bods featured in the book tonight at The Continental Pub.

And what I'm especially excited about (not so much the taking part - I've had more than my fair share of readings recently, plus I've a six o'clock plane to Toulouse tomorrow for my luxury is-it-a-holiday-no-it's-work-week) is I'm reading with a bunch of fantastic Flax writers, who've I've worked with over the years. It'll be a thunderous round of back slapping and wide-grinning for the evening. And some great stories and poems too. Of course.

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