Tuesday, 8 June 2010


So, with the mesmerising help of Linos Wengara Magaya and Los Bonobos, Host and The World Cup were sent on their merry way into the world.

Barely proof, but a photo from the end of the evening: I look slightly uncertain, possibly a little overwhelmed by the enthusiasm and success of the evening, while Naomi is clearly still buzzing from being both mc and reader.

The Iambic Arts Theatre was jammed with people I knew (from years ago when I lived in Brighton) and people I didn't. Jammed and buzzing. As much before with anticipation as after - with satiated relish? It was the sort of audience you dream of - superbly attentive during and very vocal in what they enjoyed afterwards. So I had some good conversations about sailing and monologues and what makes for quality in both.

Very odd now, four years in the making and it's done, bound and separate from me. Time to hear what other people make of it ...

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