Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Breaking News: Mr Puppet has Hair Transplant!

Yes, it's true.

Mr Puppet has ventured into the world of Robert Plant/Miss Haversham/Cher with his new hair-do.

When asked what the inspiration was, he said, "I was looking for an updated Stig of the Dump feel, a Robinson Crusoe with some glamour."

So, what's next for our unpredictable hero?

"Plastic shorts. Not Bruno-style, although I liked his braces ..."

We're on the edge of our seats ...


Jonathan said...

He's looking very Spinal Tap!
Did you get to Penrith at the weekend for all the street puppetry? T'was fab!

Jane Eagland said...

I like it! But it does give Mr Puppet a more ambiguous look gender-wise - I hope he won't mind my saying so. Is he hoping to widen the range of roles he can tackle?