Saturday, 14 August 2010

Dog Days

I don't know when the dustpan and brush were invented (answers below, please), but definitely before hoovers there were dogs.
Before hot water bottles.

For those two reasons alone, disregarding their ability to keep watch, be trained, their conversational habits, smiley mouths and loyalty, dogs would make fantastic crew.

Given my preference of sailing as one of three I'd pick Snoopy and Mutley as skipper and first mate.

I'd navigate.

There'd be a fair bit of derring-do, but we'd ride it and survive, maybe even get a few laughs, and not be particularly preoccupied by bravery or risk-taking.

I don't consider myself particularly brave. If a risk seems too great, I won't take it. Bravery requires a swallowing of fear.

And this is what I was faced with on the Isle of Man: no Snoopy, no Mutley, no crew whatsoever. I wasn't about to solo sail up and around Scotland. Considering the other option: stay at Peel on the west coast for the two weeks -

There were still risks to weigh up:
Aggressive gulls on deserted beaches
Excessive fish and chip shops
Preponderance of folk music
Marina chat
Turning into a disused railway spotting anorak

Offset by the comforts:
No tides
Reliance on a good knot

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Anonymous said...

There is a recent theory to the effect that dogs' relationship with people marked a turning/acceleration point in early human development and was at a ...much earlier date than previously thought...