Thursday, 26 August 2010

Flipping Knickers!

Ta Dah!

The next Flax anthology is shaping up very nicely - so much so that with the stunning cover image (thanks once again to Jonathan Bean) we've nailed that elusive title. Always one of the trickest elements of the production process once we have the writers and work in place. And invariably we go through some really bad ones - the penultimate suggestion for this anthology could have been a Bond film title I was told ... not entirely the tone we were looking for.

And so chocka with some familair names and less so - all providing strong and expansive work - we're delighted to be working with Rebecca Irvine Bilkau, David Tait, Michael Crowley, Ron Scowcroft and Jim Turner.

They'll be be launching the anthology, ahem - I mean, An Elastic Sky, Flax022 on Saturday 16th October, 5pm in the Storey Auditorium, complete with some films inspired by some of the poems.

It's going to be a goodie

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Design Jack said...

Sounds a bit like an album title for Strawberry Alarm Clock or similar. Good though, mind you, flipping knickers would be good as well. Look forward to seeing it