Friday, 10 September 2010


As part of An Elastic Sky Flax022 we're working with Morph Films to make some poetry films to stand alongside the anthology. Partly to build on the films we've made previously - Finding a Language, Vanishing Act - and partly to encourage the poets to consider their poems from a different perspective.

All the poets have talked with the director James Harvey in the preproduction of their film to discuss images and where the emphasis lay in the selected poem, to hear James's take on the poem and throw their half-penny's worth into the mix.

One of the elements I love about film, is how its visual build offers a reinforcement or breaking of the established rhythm, which can create a wonderful tension that might have only been slightly evident in the original poem. Or, in the case of 'Cuckoo', a poem by Jim Turner, they're going for the fleshing out of the subtext of the poem. So, I'm imagining an odd juxtaposition of voice and visual in the final film.
morph films
So this picture should give you no clue whatsoever on the complete poem ...

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