Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Quiet Houses

Some time ago I wrote about making a poetry film with poet/artist Maya Chowdhry. Which so entertained me it sent me on a small film-making road movie of my own, celebrating and visualising certain poems from Host.

The film, Nothing as Quiet as a House, is now available. Yours for the snip of £2 (&p+p). Just email me with your postal details.

As is the synchronicity of the world, the week the copies of the dvd arrived I was given a poem by Wallace Stevens. (I am still reeling from the shock of not being that familiar with his work) 'The House Was Quiet and The World Was Calm' is a repetitive yet developing meditation. Its beauty lies in its linguistical simplicity and conceptual illumination - for me at least. It is nothing like my poem.

But it has stirred an interest in me to find more poems about quiet houses - to think about all the different resonances of quiet contained in walls. Any pointers welcome.

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