Monday, 24 January 2011

How many hats?

This is my most recent business card. The wonderful Design Jack designed it for me. In fact he made it all from scratch; back when we worked together I asked him if he'd design the card and when I couldn't think what to out on it, he came up with Poet, Performer, Editor, Puppeteer. Seemed resonable. Accurate. And the design in total was so perfect.

Last year I needed more cards and was ready to add Coach (as a good indicator of a new strand of work). Which we did.

Now it's been so long since I've stepped out the house with a puppet I'm beginning to feel uncomfortable with that label on the card. It's veering towards fraudulent. My intentions are there. Mr Puppet is almost ready to start rehearsals, but to have that stated up there with poet/editor isn't entirely accurate. I'm a puppeteer on sabbatical.

I had to write a personal spec for a mentoring project I'm about to begin, and came up with: editor, commissioner, writer, digital publisher, producer, coach, opportunist. But I'd need a bigger card to include all of them. And they're not all relevant for business, more a description of my professional character. Which is how I see puppeteer at the moment - it is wildly important to me as a poet, and hugely inspirational to consider movement and animation as I write, but it isn't necessarily accurate as a business descriptive. Plus, I've always struggled with it coming directly above coach. The connections aren't good there ...

Freelancers need to cast a wide net, which is fortunate since that's my nature. I'm a multi-guy-roped girl: tons of string keep me anchored to the world. There is, however, always mileage in distinguishing between professional and personal labels, even when they start wrapping around each other. I need to do a bit of unpicking.

Or get my act together with Mr P and see what he can do

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