Monday, 17 January 2011

The Writing Smithy

The Writing Smithy is a new venture I'm embarking upon with novelist Jenn Ashworth. Cue trumpets.

It's a mentoring and manuscript appraisal service for novelists and poets. And I'm all of a shiver about it for a few reasons:

1. Working with Jenn offers me a supportive, enthusiastic and professional partnership. And so I hope this will get passed onto the writers we work with.
2. I'll be at the coal face of writer development. It's one of my favourite jobs to work alongside writers on their writing, so it feels great to be setting out in that as a commercial enterprise.
3. It's a chance to work over a period of time with individual witers. For Flax I work with the writers we publish intensively over the period publication and then we cross paths every so often after that. This is a more continuous exchange.
4. I get to use my editing and coaching skills in one package, which feels like a creative opportunity.
5. It makes me feel intrepid in a way I've not been before. Always a good thing.
6. I love our logo: combining the flourishing nature of creative work with the hard labour of a smithy. Geddit?


Jenn Ashworth said...

*mexican waves*

Jane Eagland said...

Good luck to both of you on your new venture! And for anyone tempted to submit their writing to your skilful ministrations - this is a Jolly Good Thing!