Tuesday, 5 April 2011


It was an intense and fruitful month including plenty of exhuberance, concentration, poem productivity, exhaustion, talk, crises of confidence, walking, thinking, reading, pudding eating, learning. But all you're going to get (for now) is pictures:

the castle from the south side of the Esk river

from the Lady's Walk

from the west

from the driveway

a particularly characterful rock

view from the study library (with our one day of snow)

we had a couple of weeks of daffs

caves beneath the castle

from the boot hall looking into the 'courtyard' (once the banqueting hall). It's a stone stag with antlers. Although plenty of deer bounding about the estate.

the front door (locked at 1030)

Bronte's door with previous occupants listed. Other names used to identify writers' rooms were Drummond, Milosz, Herrick, Evelyn, Boswell and Jonson. I was very happy with my allocation. Assuming it was Emily.

inside Bronte room

view from Bronte

mystery Wellington boots (very natty)

other fellows (l to r):Veronica Bennett, Jonty Driver, Colin Donati and James Brookes (with a front view of the stag)


Claire Massey said...

Wonderful pictures. I want to go there. A lot.

Jean Atkin said...

Looks...wonderful Sarah. A month is an interesting time. Too long to feel like holiday. Too short to lose focus. Too much of a castle to ever forget. Look forward to reading more.

Jane Eagland said...

Enjoyed the pics. Tantalising.... I want to hear more about it!! Glad that poetry writing figures in there amongst everything else.