Monday, 27 June 2011

Mouthtrap at the Storey

This rather wonderful photo of Mouthtrap was taken by Richard Davis of Totally Wired, when we all met down at Cockersands, the other week. I love how the stones take up most of the frame - but there's still a bit of flotsam - wirey stuff to the left; I love our three poses - connected, but very idiosyncratic, which reflects very neatly exactly how we operate/perform together; and there there's that wonderful elastic sky behind us.

Richard also shot some motion film of us mucking about, and I was hoping to stick a short recording of a rehearsal onto it, but once again I was reminded how improvisation is really live art, and doesn't benefit from being pinned down digitally. The recordings didn't capture the spirit of expansion, wit and tenderness that I think comes from our three voices.

So, if you're interested, you'll have to come along to hear us at Storey Gallery, Friday 1st July, 7.30pm, as part of the Totally Wired cabaret, when we will have some massive films playing behind us as we perform.

There'll be other art, spoken word, music and short films during the evening, filling the fantastic space of the Gallery with a spectacular mix of visual imagery & sound.

"Many of the images on display highlight the incredible landscape which surrounds us in the Lancaster area. A host of talented musicians, playing in a variety of styles, will accompany the films: Jazz, Folk, Electronic, Classical & Experimental.

Bands/Musicians include : Turnstone, Huevos, Mouthtrap, Deep Cabaret Trio, The Ealing Electricals, Therese Standish/Jeff Barnes (From Dan Haywood's New Hawks ), Marc Nellis & Eleanor Denvir on spoken word."

Should be a corker
... And here is what happened

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