Monday, 4 July 2011

Live: Dead and Alive

I love this find on the beach - the flower (I think it's a danewort, but please someone correct me if you know otherwise) growing out of the well-rotted sheep's carcass. The washed wool reminds me of lava with the erupting flower standing proud, it's a mini Iceland out there ... with less impact on holiday makers.

I would love to be able to slide seamlessly and cleverly from this life in death image to the Mouthtrap gig on Friday but it's Monday morning, after a gorgeously lazy weekend in the sunshine, so am not going to even try.
Although I did also thoroughly enjoy Mouthtrap's turn on Friday at Totally Wired at Storey Gallery it wasn't really a life in death experience or even a death in life experience. It was a wholehearted engagement in listening, watching, environmentalism and old fashioned fun. The acoustics in the gallery were astounding, especially when we were un-amped and in separate corners, our voices curved around the whole ceiling, as if the place became one massive lung.

We improv'd off a villanelle of mine about lighthouses. Although I was the only one to use words in the event, and then only a few repeated lines, more phrasing, which seemed appropriate to the films that will also curving around the huge walls - we were harmonious, dischordant, pacy, expansive, menacing and probably a whole bunch of other stuff that I wasn't aware of at the time and have now no sense of at all.

Elswhere, we were treated to some fantastic jazz, a hurdy gurdy folksome threesome, gorgeous harmonies, intense films, wierd shit and a sense of being in the right place along with 130 other people. Cracking start to the weekend.


Jane Eagland said...

Great pic! But I am informed by One Who Should Know that the flower is sea lavender.

Sorry to miss an opportunity to hear Mouthtrap but I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sarah Hymas said...

Sea Lavender - sounds so much sweeter than Dane wort...