Wednesday, 10 August 2011


My six word short story We buried the whale at night has been transformed into a six minute opera, which is being performed at the Tete a Tete Opera Festival Thursday and Friday night this week at the Riverside Studios in Hammersmith, London (circumstances allowing).

It's set to music by composer Phillip Cooke, to become 'Nocturne'. His opera, 'Progeny', which was performed last year, is shown here (about 12 minutes in)

Six Word Operas from Tête à Tête on Vimeo.

It's the second time I've inadvertantly written a libretto. The first was Flocking, for Steve Lewis... Maybe one day I'll get down to writing something intentionally. All the same, it's very exciting.


Anonymous said...

Well done. you are a talented writer and teacher.
Ann McGrath FHP

Sarah Hymas said...

thanks Ann :)