Monday, 12 September 2011

The Joy of Not-Sailing

The remnants of Hurricane Katia (although no hurricane since our waters aren't warm enough) are hitting us now. Walney Island has recorded winds of 47mph this morning so far. It is no day for sailing.

There's a Charlie Brown cartoon in which he reckoned the secret of happiness was owning a swimming pool and convertible: when it was sunny you could ride in your convertible, when it rained, at least it was filling the pool.

I feel a little like that now. Owning a boat inevitably makes you consider the wind direction and speed more And right now I look out to sea and feel so relieved and gratfeul that I'm on hard ground.

It isn't always so clear cut. 

And of course when you're walking downwind it doesn't seem half as bad as when you're walking into it, just so with the tide - incoming with the wind it rolls lustily but nothing seemingly insurmountable. When the tide turns and ebbs against the incoming wind, the extent of windpower is evident.

It's like the whole world as dipped itself inside a Dyson hand-dryer. I prefer paper towels, really.

1 comment:

jane eagland said...

Love the Dyson image!

Actually I rather like the experience of drying my hands that way.

Though you can pull your hands out.

Which you can't do with a gale.