Monday, 31 October 2011

All Hands All Hands

The World Famous  asked me a wee while ago to write some words to go with their new show All Hands, a firecracking shipbuilding performance of dazzling ingenuity and precision engineering... So I said yes.

And was given some mp3 files, a storyboard, a brief and a clip to the previous show - they were already performing it as a work in progress.

And a fortnight to come up with some words... A little exhilerating in prospect, but I loved the concept of the show. To quote from the brief:

"[The World Famous] share a belief that human beings deserve better, and that we are capable of achieving better, but are often held back by our isolation, by fear of change, by the system, by vested interests, and by the lies of politicians and the media.
The show is a celebration of collective human endeavour and the power of connection."

And the central image they used was that of building a vessel, raising sails and journeying together - which is why they approached me. And how could I resist that?

I also loved the music, composed by Kuljit Bhamra and David White. It reminded me a little of Nitin Sawhney, of Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, but distinct. Hugely energising. Kind of dance/trance. Anyway, I listened to the tracks over and over until their rhythms were pulsing out of my fingertips. And wrote.

They took the words, read them, we talked and tinkered with them. And the plan is now for the who to tour again next year. It's been funded as part of the Cultural Olympiad so I'm hoping to ctach it at some point over next summer... Menawhile, here's a snatch

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