Monday, 3 October 2011

These Boots were made for Walking

Flax029 is all coming together:
map, tick; audio files, tick; ebook, tick; webpages, tick.

Well, when I say 'tick', I mean started, almost completed, enough to feel like we'll have something to launch on Sunday 16th October at the festival.

And when I say something, I mean a very special Flax something - three walking tours wrapped up in a delicious map and audio poems, spread along the curious streets of Lancaster.

Not that we'll be out in those streets. For the launch we'll be peering into their nooks and crannies via the eye of Litfest's own Jonathan Bean (aka Beanphoto) - yes, a slideshow of beautiful images will provide the backdrop to the poets reading their work.

All three poets, Martyn Halsall, Elizabeth Burns and Rebecca Irvine Bilkau, will be taking us on their particular tour of Lancaster - through a timeline of faiths, walls or personaliaties, respectively.
I am especially looking forward to the event for two reasons:

1. I've never been involved in the making of a map/walking tours before, and it's been a bit hairy and devilishly tricksy at times, but am proud of what myself and Gareth Dennison at Morph Films have managed to come up with.

2. This is my last Flax publication. Although my last is someone else's first ... while I'm leaving Flax and Litfest I have every confidence that its work is not done. There are too many talented writers here in the NW of England to not continue to publish, support and encourage with their ideas and work.

It was hard to make the decision to say goodbye to this wonderful job that has offered so much freedom and inventiveness for celebrating literature. I have thoroughly appreciated that freedom and, perhaps more so, the community of writers that has grown up in the last five years.

Walking in Circles, Flax029, was an invitation to all those writers to submit ideas for walking tours in Lancaster and we had some great ideas. I'm sorry not to get the chance to produce them all. But I sincerely hope that with the map and mp3s being available at Lancaster VIC (from 17th October), more people, than possibly those already keen on poetry, will be introduced to these three writers and maybe some of their colleagues, via the Litfest website. The informal nature of the poems, the relevance to the city and its visitors, hopefully give Walking in Circles a chance to prove the value and delight of poetry to those unsuspecting non-poetry fans...

Launch details: Saturday 16th October, 2pm.
at The Auditorium at the Storey, Meeting House Lane, LA1 1TH.

It's free so you can just turn up, or for our nerves it'd be lovely if you emailed, to let us know you were coming.


Carys said...

Thanks for all your hard work with FLAX, Sarah and good luck for the future :)

Wendy Wise said...

I hope you get a good crowd. What an original way to visit a city!