Friday, 14 March 2014

The Rubber Band Benefit Gig

I put a call out on Facebook a while back for blue or green rubber bands and have done quite well - receiving a varied selection of colours within the spectrum. These are, I think, for the next pamphlet: In Good Weather the Sign Outside Reads Danger Quicksand. A long title for a small selection of prose poems. And it may yet change. As may my intended use of rubber bands. I had such an enthusiastic response to the call out I got greedy and wondered if, instead of using one per pamphlet, I could use two or three - indulge the rubber band thing.

I haven't even decided on the cover as yet - although think (again only think) it'll be using letterpress - and need to find the right materials. I'm feeling more and more certain that the spine needs to be using at least three rubber bands. So for a print run of 50 I'm going to need a hell of a lot more bands.

Hence my idea for a blue rubber band benefit gig.

I'm organising a reading in May for myself and a couple of writers I've not read with before - a poet friend up from London and a short story writer from Lancaster I really admire - just waiting on confirmation of the venue - and would like to use the occasion to launch this new pamphlet. It'll be a pingy springy cohort of creative thought and imaginations, so it seems entirely appropriate for the event to be a repository of unwanted blue and green rubber bands.

Anyone who donates an as yet unspecified number of bands gets a free copy of the pamphlet. The number will depend on how long it takes me to put the pamphlet together and therefore the final rrp.

If you have any spare blue/green rubber bands and would like to either simply donate them or (if you've enough - tbc) trade them in for a limited edition pamphlet - publication date mid May - then please get in touch.

If you'd like to know more about the gig I'll be posting up details as soon as the venue confirms... which hopefully will be very soon...

All rights to change my mind on the make up of the pamphlet - hence any connecting offers - completely and utterly reserved.

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