Wednesday, 5 December 2018

Sea of Whiteness, as Glacier

After much faffing, scalpeling, glueing, sewing and thinking I've made this book / glacier / poem. It began life onboard the SS Antigua alongisde Bloomstrandbreen in Svalbard waters, and is being set afloat in the world from my corner of Morecambe Bay. I've already written much about the process, and just want to add how grateful I am to my 'readers' - artists Andrea Krupp over in Philly and Caroline Pick, down in Lewes - for giving time and crucial feedback to it and me.

Appropriately, I feel I've just touched the tip of my thinking around whiteness and being one body in a larger body of whiteness. I hope to continue exploring how I might write about my experiences as a white woman, articulate my sense of racial identity within the wider context of my privilege and accountability. Timely to consider my position in relation to climate injustice.

You can watch the book / glacier in 'action' here

130mm square (folded) cartridge paper, waxed linen thread and blue triangular text elements.
Edition of 20. £7.50 (+p&p)