In Sealegs we invite you to experience the expanse of the ocean and the confines of an onboard cabin, under the guiding stars of maritime heroes.

In this frontier of tattooes, jackspeak and drownings, Hymas recalls how she, as a twenty year old landlubber, first went to sea, tied herself in knots, learnt to navigate and distinguished spray from fog, ultimately reaping the reward of adventure.

Spoken and sung voice, acoustic music from guitar, concertina and shrutibox, and environmental sampling mix with poems, neo-shanties and candid first person passages. It is a turbulent, joyous 50 minute performance, consuming and illusory, strange and intense, an experience once felt not forgotten

Simply staged, Sealegs can be performed it in a variety of settings, with amplification, and can be presented in a shorter form if required.


Sample Audio Extracts

What our audiences have said
"What a great partnership. There's an unspoken sense of synchronicity."
"I've never heard anything like it.
"Absolutely brilliant. I forgot totally where I was."

We're touring in 2014. Please get in touch if you'd like to book us or find out where we'll be. We're happy to discuss fees and technical specs...

Previous Hymas&Lewis Collaborations 
We've performed around the North West, including at the Manchester Museum, Lost Voice, Liverpool, Manchester Green Room, Preston Harris Museum. More information on our past can be found here

 A Sunder A Hymas&Lewis track, recorded at The Green Room, Manchester      What's a choice to do nothing? A Hymas&Lewis track, recorded at Lost Voices, Liverpool. Audio only